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To get the most out of your home investment and increase the selling price, our one-stop shop remodeling service is designed for you. There are many benefits to working with FIXIMIZE to get more out of your home’s sale, and our successful clients agree. With FIXIMIZE, you can:


Sell For More Money


Sell Your Home Faster


Pay Nothing Upfront


Remodel Stress-Free

How It Works

We work with both agents and homeowners to achieve higher selling prices and benefit everyone involved.

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Work As A Team With Your Client

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Quickly Transform Properties Into Move-In Ready Homes

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Help Your Client To Sell Faster And At A Higher Price

Pay at closing

Pay At Closing


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You Pay At Closing, No Upfront Cost

Typical Scenario

When you work with FIXIMIZE, you’re not just gaining access to the services that we have to offer. You’re gaining access to a proprietary advanced technology that allows us to estimate the cost of your home after key repairs and improvements are made. Built on decades of industry experience and software know how, FIXIMIZE takes the uncertainty out the equation. 

Auburn house
As - Is Home Value
Renovation Cost
After Repair Value
Extra Profit
Fewer Days on Market
(appraised above amount)

At FIXIMIZE, we don’t believe in surprise costs and unexpected expenses. That is why we use our proprietary technology and industry experience to provide you with cost and benefit estimates before we even start the project. You’ll know what your costs are and what the expected profit is long before you make your decision. Make the smart choice. Choose FIXIMIZE.


Fix to Maximize Your Profit When Selling And Buying a Home