Five Ways Listing Agents Will Benefit From Fiximize

Listing agent

If you’re familiar with Fiximize’s concept, it’s easy to see how it is beneficial for homeowners. Fiximize lets you complete home repairs before selling without needing to pay any money out of pocket. You pay for the repairs only once you sell your home. Therefore, Fiximize lets you command the highest price possible for your property without requiring any money upfront! What’re the benefits for the listing agents?

Fiximize’s unique, innovative platform uses advanced technology to estimate the cost of your home after you make repairs. Instead of investing money on a new bathroom that might get you an 80% ROI, maybe you invest in the kitchen instead, which gets you 120%. 

Homeowners sell their homes for more money with this service. However, listing agents can benefit substantially by recommending it to their clients. Here are five ways in which listing agents have a smoother experience when their clients are willing to work with Fiximize.

Higher Commissions

This point is obvious, if the home were to sell for $500,000 as-is and Fiximize could recommend repairs that bumped the price up to $700,000, that could be an extra $6,000 or so in your pocket from the added commission! 

Faster Sales Time

A better-looking home sells faster on the market. Fiximize suggests targeted repairs and improvements that get your client’s home on the market in pristine condition. These homes sell fast. Instead of you having to work to sell the property, the house will sell itself! For example, people will walk in and see beautiful hardwood flooring instead of a rundown carpet. Or maybe they’ll see a fantastic kitchen where there used to be half-broken cabinets. 

No matter what the repairs are that Fiximize suggests, they are almost guaranteed to result in a faster sales time. By having your clients use Fiximize, you can have confidence that you’ll be able to close more homes, each at a higher dollar value.

Fiximize Manages The Whole Process

Anyone that has had home remodeling done knows what a pain the entire process can be. As an agent, you can’t be there to manage the contractors or create schedules. Furthermore, historically it has been tough to ask sellers to spend their days managing projects. They might elect to sell their home “as-is” and for less money, simply because they don’t have the time to focus on these renovations.

Fiximize takes care of all of this. We are the general contractors, and our project manager does all the scheduling. Our company works diligently to ensure that the process is as hands-off as possible. Neither the agent nor the seller ever has to work with or schedule a general contractor. We work with licensed, qualified people who can come in and do the renovations. Fiximize manages all repair projects from start to finish!

Clients Pay Nothing Until Closing

One of the biggest hesitancies that the seller has about making costly repairs is that they will have to pay for them out of pocket. Paying for them either means they dip into their savings, or they have to take out a HELOC.

With Fiximize, clients pay at closing. When you close the home, some of the buyer’s funds will go towards paying for the home renovations, much like some of them go to paying agents’ commissions. This fact substantially changes conversations with clients. Instead of them being worried about savings or obtaining a HELOC, the fact that it all comes out of the sales price makes it easier for them.

Better Level Of Service

By partnering with Fiximize, listing agent now can offer something that competing agents don’t. You can provide clients with a solution to sell their homes for the most money possible. You’ll have the key to help clients be thrilled with their experience working with you, which will lead to more business in the future. As your clients trade up, they can keep coming back to you (and Fiximize) to transform their homes into dream houses before they go on the market. You’ll be their go-to agent because you’ll offer them something that others won’t!

Use Fiximize To Sell Homes Faster And For More Money

If you are an agent in the Seattle area and believe you have a listing that would be good candidates for Fiximize, contact us today. We’d love to work with you to figure out how we can best address your clients’ needs and also how we can increase the value of the homes you sell. When it comes to the home values of your clients, don’t maximize, Fiximize!